The interest rate on suspension and extension transactions may be increased from the interest rate in the original loan agreement, solely on the basis of possible higher costs to the Bank, which are closely related to the execution of the transaction itself (for suspensions of up to 60 basis points). Without prejudice to the above, customers are not charged any additional fees and expenses to third parties for the execution of the suspension. The APIL and ABI have agreed on a position in cases where a restriction could be a problem in the coming months. A timetable for the basis of the agreement is attached. It is hosted on the ABI website and on the APIL website as well as a list of chasing parties and advocates who have signed the agreement. The ABI 2019 credit contract (Agreement per il Credito 2019) was adopted on 15 November 2018 by the Italian Federation of Banks (ABI) and some Italian business associations (e.g. Confidustria, Coldiretti, Confedilizia, Confcommercio and Confesercenti) and after the release of COVID-19, a new addendum was adopted on 6 March 2020 to extend the scope of the 2019 abi to loan agreements concluded until 31 January 2020. If you wish to include your company`s data in the list of signatories for Scottish cases, please include your company`s name, email address and e-mail emergency number to This date may still change, as the parties will meet again on 13 April 2020 to see if further agreements need to be concluded and whether the amnesty should be extended. The ABI has reached a similar agreement with Thompsons Solicitors to protect access to justice. To date, it has been adopted by 279 law firms and 38 insurance companies. After joint verification, coronavirus (Covid-19) Personal Injury Protocol was extended until at least May 20. As we are in an unprecedented period, groups representing a large majority of justice practitioners in the field of aggression have come together in a joint effort to reach agreement on freezing prescription periods for a short period, while the outcome of the pandemic is unknown. Both the 2019 ABI agreement and its addendum and the decree-law aim at the same thing: to reduce the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the national socio-economic fabric by providing support measures for SMEs.

Both the 2019 ABI agreement and the decree-law are aimed at SMEs within the meaning of recommendation 2003/361/EC of the European Commission of 6 May 2003, which are established in Italy and which allow both to suspend and/or renew the repayment terms of certain types of loan contracts. APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) is a non-profit organization whose members work to improve the law to help people who are injured or become sick without fail. Visit the Association`s website The Association of British Insurers is the voice of the UK`s leading insurance and savings industry.