What was the status of this company in the holiday and licensing agreement? Was it the license or the licensee? Yes, you must return to the rental agreement and the license agreement to use the document as proof of address for registration. Please press the button was done if you like the lawyer answer Vimlesh Mishra High Court Lucknow prefers to talk with the owner and make a new deal . why should they renew it. You`re talking to the owner. 3) If this ends new contract with the licensee, you have stated that an agreement has been registered for commercial purposes…. but due to the unavailability of the name mca …. I have to change the name of the company in the agreement I move to an apartment where the tenant (4 girls) has already executed contract leave-license for 11 months in August 2018. I will replace one of them. What am I supposed to do? Should I make an endorsement to the Leave-License agreement, because the parties are not willing to enter into a new agreement? I have a law degree and in principle I need the registered agreement for registration in Maharashtra. Please help me! Either you make an endorsement or you change the name of the company. Make an affidavit regarding the amendment to the agreement and have it signed by both parties to the agreement.

You will have reached a complementary agreement to correct the error that was made in the agreement. You can take a supplementary leave and a licensing agreement. New leave and licensing agreement with the licensee changed as the name of the licensee The name of the licensee has not changed…… The name of the company included in the agreement has changed …… You can terminate this agreement and conclude a new agreement with the new details, this will be the convenient way for you to solve this problem. Lawyers are now available to answer your questions. If these girls are not ready, then go for another apartment, as you need proof of address for bar registration. A registered amending deed with the desired changes to the original registered deed may be performed by the landlord to the tenant without paying stamp duty, except for registration fees. For all changes made to a recorded act, a separate recorded correction can be made with the necessary changes to the original act.